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Discover the charm and comfort of the Peranakan home.

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Hotel Gahn is inspired by the unique style of the Baba house and incorporate their elements such as the wooden furniture, and the terrazzo floor, four posted bed, stone bathtub, hand-made wash basin and brassware in to our hotel. All of these details we carefully create will surely embrace your stay in a warmth and comfort of the old days.

Deluxe with Bathtub Type-A

Deluxe with Bathtub Type-B

Deluxe with Balcony

Superior Room

Eat & Drink

Juumpo Family Recipes

Juumpo family recipes carefully select the menus from the recipes that has been passed down for 80 years. Here we are fresh local ingredients to ensure our original taste of Baba cuisine and atmosphere that at a family mealtime.

Eat & Drink

Gahn Cafe

Sipping tea or coffee while having a conservation on the ground floor at the house can curtaining bring smile to faces. Of course ,the hand-made bakery and local Thai dessert are the things we can not do without and variety is there for you to find your own favorites.